According to the 2011 census Bandipora district has a population of 392,232,roughly equal to the nation of Maldives. This gives it a ranking of 561st in India (out of a total of 640). The district has a population density of 1,117 inhabitants per square kilometre .Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 26.31%.Bandipora has a sex ratio of 911 females for every 1000 males, and a literacy rate of 57.82%.

It has a Muslim majority though there are a few villages where Pandits also lived before their migration to the other parts of the country. The Pandit population were in large numbers at Ajar, Kaloosa, Kharapora, Mantrigam Aragam etc. Some Pandit families at Ajar and Kaloosa did not migrate. The temple at Kaloosa, known as Sharda Mandir, dates back to old times. It has a very big and old tree which is a few hundred years old and is a rare tree of its type. This is popularly known as Bran, a revered tree. There are many villages in this newly formed district named after Hindu gods and goddesses such as Chakreshipora, named after Chakerishwar. The forest training school of Kashmir is located in Bandipora. It was established in 1905. This institute is a premier body in the conservation process of the forest department.

The majority of the population speak Kashmiri. Gojri and Pahari are also spoken. Tehsil Gurez is Shina-speaking and has a Shina majority. There are few Pashtun villages on the Line of Control. The famous Kishan Ganga Hydro Electric Project is also located in the Gurez Tehsil of Bandipora.


Category No
Area 345 Sq. kms
No. of Revenue Villages 122
No. of Sub Divisions 03
No. of CD Blocks 12
No. of Tehsils 07
No. of Gram Panchayats 151
No. of Municipalities 03
No. of Patwar  Halqas 36
Literacy Rate 57.32
Population 392,232