Education is highly subsidized by the Govt from Primary to Higher Education level considerable progress has been made in dispersing school facilities throughout the state especially in the rural areas including District Bandipora.The enrolment has gone up considerably high. The number of govt institutions for general education(girls and boys) as per 2016-17 survey is 796 and number of enrolled students(girls and boys) is 47346.As per the same survey,literacy rate for boys is 68.41 % and for girls is 46.24%.Some of the common schemes in our district are Free Supply of text books,Mid day Meals,Scholarship(Gujjar and Bakerwals),Free Uniforms,Child with special needs,students awarded on Merit Basis,Educational National Tour,specially abled children,Remedial teaching,free excursion,e-learning for teachers,visual camps for CWSN. The name of the main educational institutes are Govt Degree College Bandipora,Govt Polytechnic College Bandipora, Govt Degree College Gurez, Govt HS Bankoot Bandipora, Govt HSS Arin Bandipora, Govt HSS Hajin Sonawari, Govt HSS Ajas Sonawari, Govt HSS Aloosa Bandipora.

List of Schools of District Bandipora  2019010215

Name of official Designation Phone no.
Mr. Gh Muhammad Lone Cheif Education Officer 7006945916