National Informatics Centre (NIC) is a premier S & T institution of the Government of India, for providing e-Government / e- Governance Solutions, adopting best practices, integrated services and global solutions in Government Sector.

e-Governance Projects.

NIC has conceptualized, developed and implemented a very large number of projects for various Central and State Government Ministries, Departments and Organizations. Many of these projects are continuing projects being carried out by various divisions of NIC at New Delhi Headquarters and State/District centers


The spectrum of services provided by NIC encompasses various dimensions of the Information Technology Area and can be broadly listed as under:

  • Consultancy
  • Software Design & Development
  • Networking
  • Internet Services
  • WWW Services
  • Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Office Automation
    • Project: ERMS

      Department: Election
      Description:Electoral Roll Management System (ERMS) developed and implemented by NIC, the data entry is done and the electoral rolls are generated in Urdu and English. Summary revisions, special summary revisions and continuous update of electoral data and generation of final electoral Rolls/ supplements are being carried out as and when asked for by the commission.

      Department: Urban Local Bodies
      Description:Citizens can download the birth certificate from the website by providing parent’s name, date of birth, Email id and mobile number.Without visitingthe departments, citizens are able to know the status of their building permission through SMS, Email and website.


      Project: LBEDIS

      Department: Election
      Description:Local Bodies Election Duty Information System (LBEDIS),developed by NIC is being implemented to deploy employees during local bodies election.

      Project: NADRS

      Department: Animal Husbandry
      Description:National Animal Disease Reporting System(NADRS) covering Block Animal Husbandry Offices and CAHO connected to national network for rapid flow and analysis of animal disease data is under implementation.


      Description:Public Grievance Redress System (PGR) has been developed by the election commission. This system has been developed in such a manner that in addition to providing redress to complaints of the public, It also serves as a common interface for providing services. It is thus aimed as a complete G to C interface to provide seamless services to the citizens on election related matters.

      Project: Poll Day Monitoring System

      Department: Election
      Description: Poll Day Monitoring System allows monitoring of elections through SMS after registration of mobile numbers

      Project:Social and Economic Caste Census 2011

      Decsription:Enumeration phase of SECC-2011 and supervisior module has been completed successfully.

      Human Resource Development: e-goverance project related training is provided to officials of various departmentsi.e CAPD, Election, Animal Husbandry, Municipality etc.

      A VC studio has been established to conduct regular VC sessions for the benefit of various departments. The VC facility has resulted in better monitoring of government programmes and schemes with significant savings in cost, time and man power effort. Besides a 34 MBPS dedicated leased line is also operational which facilitates both Internet and Video Conferencing in the district.

      District Informatics Officer
      NIC District Centre -Bandipora